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We, AJI-CLE Co., Ltd. started a new journey from Japan in 2016 for development, support of Micro Finance, Micro insurance (life, non-life) and consultation for business alliance, enterprise connecting Japan with Asian countries, derived from Micro Finance, Micro insurance supporting.


Micro Finance is a revolutionary tool which provides applicable finance for those who can’t access regular finance service because of their social-economical challenge. The Novel Prize laureate in 2006, Prf. Muhammad Yunus and Grameen Bank made it popular world widely.


In those developing countries where social security system is vulnerable, lower bracket, the majority of the population can not only access private insurance coverage, but also defenseless against a calamity like natural or man-made disaster. Micro insurance is a technique for people to keep away poverty, while Micro Finance is the one to break away poverty.


Our hope is the realization of “No one will be left behind”, the politics of SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) through contribution of sound development of insurance industry in Asian countries.


We are accelerating toward the frontiers of Micro insurance with 15 years-experience in major life insurance companies, banks and strong tie up with local partners.



We think development of finance sector and industrial sector is firmly connected like “a pair of wheels” for development of the economic system. And little entrepreneurs born by Micro Finance in Asian countries desire new knowledge, technology to innovate their businesses. Hence, we encourage to connect local demands with Japanese outstanding technology and experiences, and to produce new enterprises.


AJI-CLE Co., Ltd. is pursuing its goal to make all goods, services available in “Asia” with freedom and dignity in in”CLU”sive environment where all people enjoy equal right, opportunity with enough knowledge. Also we become a Vehi”CLE” to produce virtuous Cy”CLE” where innovation arises through linkage between Japan and Asia.

CEO: (Mr.) Taichi Watanabe

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